Tips For Preparing Trips At Sea

Travel preparation is involved when you pack your bags for a cruise even though it may seem like a no-brainer. Forgetting an item or two won’t ruin your vacation but it will create unnecessary headaches and hassles. When packing for your trip, here are some things to remember.

When it comes to cruise ships, they are not required to have doctors or medical facilities. That being said, there is usually a first aid station and a physician or nurse onboard. Usually, though, there are some basic over the counter medication that you will find on the ship’s gift shop but you will pay for the convenience. Another thing you can do is buy things at your ports of call but dealing with this hassle can take away from enjoying your trip.

First thing you need to do is make a list of the things that you usually forget. You need to consult your list after you are done packing in order to make sure that you have not forgotten anything.

Be prepared for the sun. The sun can be the most deceiving in cool weather destinations or when it is overcast. Don’t be over anxious even though returning with a nice bronze glow can be a deal. Don’t forget to bring sun block and sunscreen and apply it frequently. If you get a burn early on in your vacation, then you will limit your activities on your cruise ship tour and make for a less enjoyable holiday. You should also bring along a hat, sunglasses, as well as lip balm. Once more, you can and should buy these onboard the ship but it will be an added hassle and expense. If you’re especially sensitive to the sun then consider bringing loose fitting long sleeve shirts and long pants; linen clothing is perfect for the warm weather.

Sea sickness is a problem for many and if you have a tendency to get sea sick then come prepared. Bring sea sickness pills or other alternative treatments. Keep in mind that the center of the ship sways the least. What you can do during your first couple of hours is try to adjust to the movement of the ship so don’t plan any big activities.

Filling a prescription will be a hassle, if not impossible, at sea so pack all of your prescription medication. Making a copy of your prescriptions or a copy of the medicine bottle is also a must so if you lose your medication, then replacing it will be easier. Bringing over the counter medicine kit for tummy aches, allergies, and headaches is also a good idea you need to consider. Traveling to other countries may mean that your digestive system may not be immune to the bacteria in the food and water. Anti-diarrhea pills is what your doctor can prescribe you to take just in case you encounter this problem.

With some travel preparation you can have a cruise ship tour that is hassle free. Aside from protecting yourself from the sun, you should also prepare for sea sickness and remember your medicine.

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