Creating the Perfect Cruise

My husband and I wanted to do something special for our first wedding anniversary and as we are both into surfing, river cruises were my immediate thought. With beautiful weather, gorgeous countryside and authentic fishing ports dotting the banks, I fell in love with the idea within a couple of minutes. It did not take long to persuade my partner that this would perfect and we leave in one month for our destination.

Momentarily we did consider the option of a cruise on the open water, like an Alaska Cruise, but river cruises have always appealed to me and the liner looked wonderful. We can’t wait to spend some hours just chilling out on the deck, looking out over the beautiful countryside and those busy on the shores.

After a lot of research, we found a website specialising in Yangtze river cruises and almost immediately decided that was exactly what we had in mind. It isn’t the most common place to be associated with cruising but with the rise of the river cruise, what could be more ideal to explore on the water?

Other than picking the location of our cruise, the other hard choice was its length. We thought we’d go for ten days so as to make the most of the ship and really connect with the area we were visiting.

We only considered cruise lines that provided more luxurious experience as we were not planning on holding back on this occasion. Although there are cheaper cruises out there, we’re confident that we made the right decision in deciding to go for quality rather than bargain.