All Nippon Airways – One of the Leading Airlines in Japan

All Nippon Airways is an airline in Japan that services close to fifty international destinations. Most of its traffic starts out in either the Narita International Airport in Tokyo or the Kansai International Airport in Osaka but it serves the traveling needs of people both in Japan and around the world. Keep reading to learn why All Nippon Airways is so popular and highly regarded.

All Nippon Airways features a wonderful plan called the “Visit Japan Campaign” that encourages individuals to spend time traveling in this great place. Even though it has gone through some rough times lately, Japan is still one of the most interesting nations in the world. It’s easy to fly right into Tokyo: one of the busiest and most densely populated cities in the world. Still, close by you’ll find mountains, ancient monasteries and slower villages that will make you forget that you are from the modern world. Japan, most likely moreso than any other nation, blends this contrast every single place that you go. When you want to plan a trip to Japan, checking out one of the great fares or travel packages that will afford you the opportunity to really see this country. If you want to fly to other areas of the Orient, you can use All Nippon Airways to get there. Let’s say that you are wanting to visit multiple places in Asia – you can use this airline to visit more than one country. ANA has flights to China, Hong Kong, India, The Philippines, Vietnam, South Korea and Thailand, so they cover quite a bit of territory if you want to see Asia. If you are traveling throughout Asia, you can travel to the major cities in the Orient; you may have to book separate travel plans to get to lesser-known spots. There are flights leaving from New York, Chicago, Washington DC, Los Angeles and San Francisco, which means you won’t have to go too far to catch an ANA flight wherever you’re starting from.

If you want to get the best travel deals you usually have to stay alert and sometimes be spontaneous too. If you keep a watch on the specials offered by All Nippon Airways, you could find yourself inspired to take a trip that you haven’t even planned. In addition to Japanese travel, ANA offers fantastic fares and packages to places like Manila, Jakarta and Singapore.

Of course, the specials that the airlines offer change all the time and are limited in how long they last and it is important to keep a close watch on the ANA website to see what they currently have to offer to travelers. Travel specials are a great way to save money on fares, holiday packages and if you have a long way to travel it can make a big difference in your budget.

All Nippon Airways is a major airline of Japan, but it can also take you to many other popular Asian destinations, from China to India. Passengers that have used this airline to go to the Orient have been very happy and SkyTrax also asserts that it is a quality organization. If you are vacationing in the Orient, All Nippon Airways may give you a great deal on your next flight – check them out today!

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